44 Children Gathered on Maui

During this past Summer,in the lovely tropical woods of Haiku, Maui, 44 children and youth gathered together for the 2015 Children Healing the Earth Summit.

Coming from different cultures and countries, Indigenous Hopi and Navajo included, the Children were invited to speak, sing and dance their knowing hearts and their clear sight about the World we all share. Surrounded by the Mother’s nature beauty, on a platform built just for the event, they were filmed and recorded to inspire, empower and share around the world.

What a precious opportunity to hear the children speak and share their hearts for the Earth, for peace, for healing! They are the truthtellers, speaking for the Earth and all of us, the OneHeart…this was their forum.

Hosted and facilitated by Sylvia Cenzano and her family, the event happened in August 2015.

And guess what?


But this time (and with your support), the Children are journeying to speak at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.

We are asking for your contribution, your support…for airfare, building materials, food, and other supplies and labor to get the land ready. Please visit us at the following link to offer your tax-deductible donation.

Thank you so much! Aloha!