44 Children on a Mission

44 Children/Youth to Washington D.C. to speak about the Earth and Peace…on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial…this summer! But we need your help – this is an All Nations journey and there are Peruvian children from the Amazon and from the Andes, and Hopi, and Navajo, and more to come that have been invited, and would like to come and stand together with other children.

A team of children/youth film-makers will set out to do their part – to make a film about this journey to share with the world!

They have messages to give, things to say about how the earth has been treated, what’s being done…or not….about it…we need your contributions to bring the indigenous children and the invited elders, to get passports, to rent the buses, get the lodging, the flights, filming supplies, airtime for the marketing.

Some of the children’s gifts come in the form of a different expression – song, dance, artwork, poetry – they will express themselves how they choose, and in even this is a sound lesson or reminder for all – we can each be honored for our choices in our expression, in how we are…in who we are.