About Root Movement

Reaching to the Roots of the Earth and all that we are in Body and Spirit, we move forward in Global Unity creating World Community.

Our Projects

Sustainable Change Now

Witness and practice Spirit-based Sustainability to build a better world. Offering Courses on Maui and Webinars, and sustainability journeys to Peru. Sustainability is about the food, the Earth, our Spirit, Health, and Happiness. Our course and certificate will further empower you to create wholesome change by opening new doors, and we offer continuing support in the expansion of sustainability.

Children Healing The Earth

Children Healing the Earth – providing arenas where the children and youth, ages 8 – college age, can speak about the Earth and World Peace. It is time they are Heard. Providing a forum to Voice their Vision, and supporting youth in the making of films to share with the world.

The Power of 4444

The Power of 4444 – Indigenous work to support, encourage, and facilitate connection amongst cultures, and to help protect each others’ Sacred Sites. Our work includes hosting “all-nations” indigenous conferences with a focus on youth ambassadors, petitions to advocate and support the needs, and visits to increase our understanding of them.

Kolealea Agricultural Center

Kolealea Agricultural Center is an Organic Farm with on-going long-term large-scale Sustainability development and education. Stay tuned for our Neighbor-to-Neighbor farmer program development as we increase distribution of the local foods amongst ourselves as well to the local community in general.