Saving The World We Live In

So when the words first showed themselves – Save the World – I thought of the loftiness, even the arrogance, that might be thought….of those who wrote them, and of me. So we put quotes around them in an attempt to show that they were the words of children. And then a youth, an older child, expressed that with quotes … Read More

44 Children Gathered on Maui

During this past Summer,in the lovely tropical woods of Haiku, Maui, 44 children and youth gathered together for the 2015 Children Healing the Earth Summit. Coming from different cultures and countries, Indigenous Hopi and Navajo included, the Children were invited to speak, sing and dance their knowing hearts and their clear sight about the World we all share. Surrounded by … Read More

Navigating Life When Things Get Hard

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Women’s Wisdom Retreat on Maui

We have been called to help you breathe life into your passions and empower your unique magic. And we are listening.. We invite you to join us on this sacred land and learn tools of empowerment and with that power, to follow the wisdom of the Heart. Each day is an opportunity to open to the sweetness of contentment and … Read More

44 Children on a Mission

44 Children/Youth to Washington D.C. to speak about the Earth and Peace…on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial…this summer! But we need your help – this is an All Nations journey and there are Peruvian children from the Amazon and from the Andes, and Hopi, and Navajo, and more to come that have been invited, and would like to come … Read More

We are Mauna Kea

Haleakal√°, the dormant volcano here on Maui, is a sacred site to the Hawaiians. In the scope of our indigenous work we had a passion to help protect this site from a proposed construction of a 40-foot tall telescope – construction that was felt by many to be a source of unhealth to the land and its Spirit, but that … Read More

Come and Grow With Us!

Long-awaited fruit coming in from trees planted 6-7 years ago – soursop, mountain apple, jackfruit, cacao – the intention here to help introduce and provide diversity to the surrounding community on this beautiful island of Maui, and to share how land considered un-farmable can sometimes be worked, coaxed, asked….transformed, and moved towards sustainability. Join us in the mission here to … Read More

YOU are The Future

Witness and practice Spirit-based Sustainability to build a better world. Offering Courses on Maui and Webinars, and sustainability journeys to Peru. Stay tuned for the developing webinars and the new workshop calendar for courses here on Maui, and for the announcement of the next journey to Peru to witness ancient practices in sustainability. Sustainability is about the food, the Earth, … Read More