Come and Grow With Us!

Long-awaited fruit coming in from trees planted 6-7 years ago – soursop, mountain apple, jackfruit, cacao – the intention here to help introduce and provide diversity to the surrounding community on this beautiful island of Maui, and to share how land considered un-farmable can sometimes be worked, coaxed, asked….transformed, and moved towards sustainability.

Join us in the mission here to develop more of this property, to maintain that which we have already put in the ground, and to learn and grow with us as we provide educational opportunities for organic growing and sustainable living.

With the inability to maintain and nurture the trees for 9 months now, the surrounding nature which would otherwise feed the growing trees is now growing into and overtaking many of them, and we are now looking to host a crew of students and volunteers to help us clear the vegetation, and give us access to the trees again to bring them back into a focus of care.

Please contact us at to discuss how you can help us and the island at the same time! We are scheduling work to free up these trees in May.

Citrus Hill, on the steep slope, where the greatest challenge had been to chainsaw the trees and maintain our balance at the same time, now faces the challenge of rebuilding the little 4-foot shelves/terraces to prevent erosion from the rain from carrying away the soil stabilizing the little trees.

These trees are in a very challenged location on this steep hill, but that is the way we can show options to having a flat surface with clear soil, not riddled with roots of the previous generation of growth, in this case a 200-year-old or so invasion of a tree that took root and grew in tangled configurations – from the branches to the roots. And the rocks that are strewn throughout this property….from the stream that once overran this land and carried them, and dumped them, throughout. You can grow food through many challenges, overcome many obstacles – including not having soil.

And that brings about the next topic that we will expand on in the next letter, the plan for introducing aquaponics to this farm…since we can’t grow vegetables in this root and rock-littered land, we can use water, fertilized by fish, and grow some vegetables! Stay tuned…