Saving The World We Live In

So when the words first showed themselves – Save the World – I thought of the loftiness, even the arrogance, that might be thought….of those who wrote them, and of me. So we put quotes around them in an attempt to show that they were the words of children.

And then a youth, an older child, expressed that with quotes it might seem unreal. And I explained how my generation would make sense of it then, knowing that the origin was a child, with that particular perspective of the world. And then….the response was that their generation now looked at quotes, like the kind shown in the air with their fingers, sometimes meant that those words were in jest, and might not be understood. And it took me a few minutes to understand that he meant that the words might not be taken seriously at all.

And that’s how seriously they are taken by the younger generation I am working to support.

And so I offer this as the story behind the sentiment of the words:

The child in the Amazon might look up and around and seeing trees come down around their villages wonder how he can save his world. Children in Japan see the scrambling and shifting of entire communities as aftermath of power plant radiation leakage – wondering how to save their world?

Absolutely… What is their world? Their home….their community or village or tribe…can they save it? I believe so. Do they know that? I believe not. Can they do anything about it? THEY ARE. THEY ARE SPEAKING OUT. And those that cannot speak for themselves are being represented by those that can.

And we can listen. And although the courage and forthrightness is theirs, they can only entrust their words, their reality, their world…..TO US. And we need to take the steps that so many have already taken and continue to….making choices that honor the Earth, and honor each other.

Together, in peace and gratitude for this Earth and for each other we can focus on positive living ways and encourage and support others to do the same. But we MUST reach out to each other to do it en mass. It’s a critical time, and key shifts in our notions of comfortable living are necessary for us and the good of our planet.

We can have enough comfort with the most minimal of material things. We can experience immense comfort in having each other. Accepting and supporting each other equally, regardless of what their particular needs are, extends to the support of each other in far-away places, other countries, other continents. Let’s just be there for each other.

So when a child now tells me he/she wants to help Save the World….I’m getting in line. When they choose to seek solace in each other and move forward proactively, energetically, I’m working to understand their need to seek each other out to Save their Worlds… is our need as well.

Let’s let them take a lead in their own way, and let’s take heed. Because they are the real seers….without judgment, without rationalizing, without ego, without petty issues.

Seek out the children healing the earth wherever you go and let them know they are heard and supported. And that we can save the world together…