Women’s Wisdom Retreat on Maui

We have been called to help you breathe life into your passions and empower your unique magic. And we are listening..

We invite you to join us on this sacred land and learn tools of empowerment and with that power, to follow the wisdom of the Heart. Each day is an opportunity to open to the sweetness of contentment and deep knowing that is the foundation for grace, balance, purpose – and FUN!

Kolealea is a place of sanctuary, and here the beauty of nature and the passion of Love come together in synergy to activate the full feminine force of our deep strength, our humble action, and our wholehearted joy. It feels like magic. We call it magic…but it is just how things are in this Heart-Centered life. We live in that abundance and gratitude of the Heart, and invite you to come share that with us.

It is time. To remember. To be who we are. All the way. And to gather together and inspire each other on that journey. Come to the place we call home. Come home to Yourself.

Stay tuned for the scheduling of our next Women’s Wisdom Retreat. We secure lodging for you at nearby facilities while we host the all-day events of working together, dining together, peacefulness together…